Friday, July 11, 2014

The Best Thermal Scope

Find the Best Thermal Scope for You

A lot goes into purchasing the best thermal scope for you. There are several factors to consider no matter if you are new to hog hunting and just want a cheaper thermal scope to get the job done most cost effectively or if you are a professional operator and need a military spec thermal scope, no matter what the cost because situational awareness demands it.

Here are some things to consider when vetting possible options for the best thermal scope:

  • Application - In other words, what are you using it for? Do you just need a varmint hunter or are you a balls to the wall Army Ranger?
  • Ease of Use - Is this handheld, mounted, or does it need to clip on in a hurry? Is there a bible to read before you try to operate the thing?
  • Real Time Refresh Rate - How often will you target be moving during surveillance?  The higher the refresh rate (in hertz) the more reliable the video output.
  • Lens - At what range do you need to identify your target?  Do you need to aim at a robust hog or count Osama Bin Laden's nose hairs? Is a 50 mm lens good enough or do you need 75 mm lens?
  • Price - Usually the game changer for civilian types or folks on a budget.
There are countless more factors to think about when buying a thermal scope depending on your situation, but these are some of the most common. With these few points in mind, here are some sample options to take a look at below with sample videos to gauge the differences between the models.

T14-X Low Cost Thermal Scope

This is a great option for a hog hunter on a budget. Use it hand held or clip on. It has a 60hz real time refresh rate and provides excellent night vision for hunting nocturnal varmints. Shoots fine at 100yds or 300yds. Records video, so you can relive the hunt or replay evidence if you are in law enforcement. Cheaper priced scope, but overall good utility scope for cleaning feral beasts from your property.

PAS-15 Long Range Thermal Scope

This little beauty is top of the line, records thermal video on an onboard SD card, features stunning high definition resolution. It's super durable with a 60hz real time refresh rate and 4.5x zoom  75 mm germanium lens. Has large easy to use buttons that tell you exactly what they do, as well as auto & manual gain so you have full control of your thermal imaging.

L3 LWTS Long Range Thermal Scope

This is what the military is using. Rugged design. Offers up to a 15x zoom. Works by itself or clips behind your day scope. Field ready. Take a look!

Russian man pleads guilty to illegally exporting thermal scopes & night vision equipment, among other targeting devices

Read the article below from Delaware Online.

The export of such items "is a serious federal crime that could jeopardize the safety and well-being of United States' service members or our allies," Oberly said. "Individuals engaging in this activity can and will be prosecuted even if we have to reach across the ocean to make the arrest."

Russian man pleads guilty to illegally exporting thermal scopes & night vision equipment, among other targeting devices.